Exhibition by Elena Provata & Vassiliki Matta



Our memory constitutes not only the foundation of our daily activity, but also a basic component of our personality. Therefore, we are what we remember. The way we live and function in society depends on our individual perception on life, on the world and their meaning.

We decided to become the relaters of memories and our works to become the actions or facts that result from this relation. We tread unto experiential ground in investigating the idea of the common, everyday activity; namely the primary human virtue of good and bad, the social and individual morality that grips us, the coordination, orientation and versatility of the individual as they virtually grow. We observe the stimuli that one receives as they get older and associate them to the pursuit of the relationship and contact between one human and another.

Translation - editing: Nicoleta Karyda

  • artists

    Elena Provata & Vassiliki Matta

  • Method

    Linocut Printing, Woodblock Printing

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    03 oct 18 - 14 nov 18